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The difference between air shock absorber with ADS and without ADS

The difference between air shock absorber with ADS and without ADS

  • Friday, 22 July 2022
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The difference between air suspension with ADS and without ADS

1. The classification of air shock absorbers is divided into two types: with ADS and without ADS(also called adjustable damping and non-adjustable damping).

Without ADS shock absorber, it is mostly used in low and medium vehicles such as luxury car brand BBA. The disadvantage of this kind of shock absorber is that the damping damping cannot be adjusted after the factory setting value (usually a curve). In the process, the vibration attenuation of the vehicle can only be determined passively based on the vibration of the vehicle and the structure of the parts.

       The emergence of the shock absorber with ADS is to solve the non-adjustable damping problem of traditional shock absorbers. It is a product that came into being for vehicle users to pursue better riding comfort. For example, the Land Rover Range Rover Sport version has ADS rear shock absorber.

With ADS shock absorber, using current response, based on the input information from the monitoring body and wheel motion sensors, it can respond to the road conditions and driving environment in real time. Because of its variable resistance real-time control, the structure is compact and the driving experience is more comfortable. And other characteristics, increasingly welcomed by market consumers.

 2. True and false ADS

This is the fake ADS in the legend, the fake one is very direct, the oil circuit is blocked, so how to adjust it. The damping force is fixed, and the driving experience is exactly the same as that of a shock absorber without ADS. This is why many customers claim that their car becomes hard after replacing the shock absorber, and the driving experience is not as comfortable as the original one.

Advice: Keep your eyes open, put an end to fakes, and beware of selling and using such shock absorbers!

Real  ADS external welding and parts structure

 In fact, to accurately determine whether a certain type of shock absorber is true ADS, it needs to be tested by professional indicator equipment. The brand new air shock absorber produced by Qingdao Manwo Vibration Technology Co., Ltd. must pass the indicator before leaving the factory. In the test, the force value is set to within 5% of the damping standard of the original shock absorber to be qualified.

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